Men's Self-care Routine

Gentlemen, having a great haircut, a perfectly trimmed beard, a great physique is all well and good, but when do you take time for your skin?

You are neither too young nor too old to start a skincare routine.
Your skin has needs, just like you!


This skin care routine is simple and not very restrictive. You don't need to drown yourself in a multitude of skincare products to get glowing, elastic skin. It's all about having quality products and being diligent about applying them. So we've got you covered with a range of essential and effective products that target the main problems your skin can encounter. Dryness, dead skin, aftershave sensitivity... it's all here!

Anti-irritation shaving cream ( shaving cream link )
Soothing after shave Gel ( intensive Fluid Link )

4 steps to great skin

shaving for men

You know that having the best skin will make your shave more comfortable and healthy? These steps will allow you to take care of yourself without wasting time!


Getting rid of dead skin with a mask is essential for healthy, beautiful skin. Start with this once or twice a week, it's a great base.

Summer Glow face Scrub and mask (link)


With your skin freed up and your pores still open from exfoliation, take the opportunity to apply a purifying cream. ( Gel T zone ) Your skin will be deeply cleansed, your pores clean, and your complexion will be even more radiant.

Shave & moisturise

This may not be the most pleasant part of your routine, but it's definitely something you should do. To make it even more acceptable to your skin, apply a moisturiser that will reduce the burning effects of aftershave and help close up any small cuts. The next day, you won't feel a thing, your skin will be beautiful and soft. Even better, it will be even more resistant and elastic, so there's nothing stopping you from doing it? So go for it!

The skincare routine is done!

Boost your self-confidence with this routine, A well-groomed look is always more distinguished and noticed, you have everything in your hands to be confident and go about your day without being bothered by tight or itchy skin, and that makes you feel good.

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