Top 5 Body Skincare Routines That You Should Not Forget

Having a skincare routine often just refers to taking care of the skin on our face. While it is great that more people are encouraged to take care of their faces, they seem to have neglected the skin that covers the rest of their bodies. In this article, we give you tips about your body skincare routine.

1. Moisturize Your Elbows

Elbows tend to get dry with the friction from clothing. This can cause them to become cracked and even swollen. Make sure to give your elbows the extra moisture they need.

You can use various products like lotions, cream, or even olive oil! Just make that it works for you. There are even special scrubs made especially for the elbow area. Just make sure that your skin reacts well to it. Your elbows shall soon lighten up and feel less dry.

2. Scrub and Moisturize Your Back

The reason a lot of us neglect our backs is that it is quite hard to reach. There are some options you can do to get your back. First, you can ask someone to scrub and moisturize it for you. This has to be someone you are very close with and can trust, like your partner, a close friend, or maybe a relative.

You can also purchase a back scrubber brush to scrub the hard to reach areas. Make sure to get one that is soft and is made of materials that you are not allergic to.

3. Your Neck Is Like Your Face

Your neck area is another part that you should not forget or exclude from your routine. Make sure to clean it and moisturize it. The best way to do so is to include it in your face skin routine. Whatever products you apply to your face, make sure it reaches all around your neck.

4. Don’t Forget Your Toes

Never forget that your feet are what carry your entire body weight and have to deal with a lot of pressure. This means that you need to care for it as much as possible.

Never forget to wash your feet, especially the soles, and when you are done, moisturize them. One of our favorite tricks is putting lotion on the toes and then slipping on some socks. If you leave them like that overnight, you will wake up with baby-soft feet.

5. Moisturize Your Knees

Are your knees as dry as the Sahara Desert? You’re not alone. Knees can get dehydrated. We do many bending and kneeling, so this area is prone to dust, dirt, and dry skin. If left alone, the skin could crack and will result in wounds.

To keep your knees moisturized, give them their routine. You can use a scrub on them and then a moisturizer after every shower. Try to scrub as much of the dead skin cells off. If possible, try to avoid putting too much pressure on your knees. You will notice your knees beginning to look brighter and feel softer.


It is good to know that your skin needs to be pampered, even if it’s not on your face. Your body can have as much dryness or excess oil as your face, so take care of them. Make sure to use products suitable for you, and your skin type. Before you know it, you will look stunning from head to toe.

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