Do You Need to Shower Every Day? Everything You Need to Know

People shower to clean the skin and hair, but sometimes showering can injure your skin. How often you take a shower will depend on your daily activities, such as the amount of exercise you get and whether you're sweating. 

Getting too clean can impact the microbiome of the skin, which helps regulate the immune system. Here is a definitive guide on when and how often you should shower.

How Often Do Adults Really Need to Shower?

The average person doesn't shower as often as they think. It is recommended that you should be showering or bathing every two to three days.

It's also important to note the total time you spend in the shower that matters, not just the number of times you turn on the water. Most people take less than 15 minutes to shower, but the average time for a shower is about 9 minutes. 

In most cases, you will be drying off in the shower, so your skin is being exposed to water for a longer period of time. Be sure to apply a lotion to your skin once you get out of the shower.

How Long Can You Go without Showering?

There are certain situations in which it is okay to go longer than 2-3 days between showers. If there is a substantial change in your routine, such as a long weekend trip, camping or being ill, you can go up to five days without a shower.

If you are exercising heavily and sweating, you may want to take a shower the same day so you can rinse off the salt and sweat. If you get a good workout, you can take a second shower later in the day to clean off.

Do Different People Need Different Showering Schedules?

Everyone has different lifestyles, which impacts how often they need to shower. For example, people who work outside will need to shower more often because they are exposed to more dirt, dust, and pollution.

People who exercise a lot, especially at a high intensity, will also want to shower more often because they will be sweating more. 

What Happens When You Go without Showering for Months?

People who go without cleaning themselves run the risk of getting skin problems like athlete's foot or ringworm. They also run the risk of developing body odor, which can be a big problem if you're trying to get a job or a promotion.

Can You Shower Too Much?

People who shower more than once a day are doing more harm than good. While you might think it is a good idea to keep on top of cleaning yourself throughout the day, that isn't the best practice for your skin.

Overdrying your skin can lead to problems like eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff. If you are showering more than once a day, you could be irritating your skin and creating problems without even knowing it.

Showering too much can also cause problems with your hair. Many commercial shampoos and conditioners can dry out your hair, which is why it is recommended you use a natural product.


Overall, you should be showering about once every two to three days. You will want to make sure you are investing in the proper products, such as an exfoliating scrub with sea salt, to help gently remove dead skin cells. Using body washes with harsh chemicals will dry out your skin.

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