Basic Foot Care: The Essential Tools You Will Need

Our feet carry the entirety of our body weight and need to be given a lot of care. We must do this; otherwise, you may end up injured. You must have at least a basic foot care routine to treat your feet properly.

The Essential Tools

When taking care of your feet, having the right tools is crucial. Below are some of the most basic tools that you will need.

1. Toenail Clippers

You will need to cut your toenails at least every six weeks or whenever you notice they are growing a little long. Having too long toenails can cause discomfort, especially when wearing shoes.

Whenever you cut your toenails, try and follow your natural toenail shape. Avoid cutting off too much or too close to the skin as this can cause ingrown toenails.

2. Foot File

Our feet can get dry, and a foot file can help. When working with a foot file, you must make sure that your feet are clean and damp. You can also dampen the foot file.

Start by pressing the rough side of the file on a dry area of your foot and swiping downward. Then move on to another dry area and repeat the downward motion. Make sure to only go in one direction and do not go back and forth as it could harm your feet.

3. Foot Cream

As mentioned before, our feet can get dry. Dry skin can cause irritation and even wounds causing our feet to bleed. So it is necessary to keep our feet as moisturized as possible.

Foot cream is one good way to help lock in the moisture on our feet. You can use foot cream daily when going to bed. A little tip in doing this is to put on the foot cream and wear socks over them. Although it may sound gross, the socks are helpful in keeping the moisture in, and you are sure to wake up with baby-soft feet.

4. Antibacterial Soap

For some people, their feet can get sweaty, especially if they wear shoes. If you have a lot of sweat buildup on your feet, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

You should have an antibacterial soap for your feet. Washing them with antibacterial soap can keep them clean and help you avoid foot diseases and infections.

5. Sun Protection

Another product in our avoiding dry feet agenda is to use sun protection on our feet. This will help us avoid having dry feet, but it will also help protect our feet from harmful UV rays.

UV rays cause all kinds of skin diseases, including cancer. Protecting our bodies from it, including our feet, is very important. Aside from this, wearing sun cream can also help us avoid discoloration of our feet.

6. Anti-chafing Gel or Plasters

If you have a pair of shoes known to cause blisters, you must always have anti-chafing gel or plasters. Regardless of how small they are, blisters can become harmful, especially if left alone. The best way to cure them is to just avoid them completely in the first place.


Taking proper care of our feet is very important because it is one of the most important parts of our body. Develop good foot care habits and stick to them. Remember that our feet are the foundation of our body. That is why we must give them the utmost care. It will serve us for the rest of our lives.

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