4 Best Practices to Keep Your Home Smelling Amazing

Every home has its own distinct smell, and some homes simply smell amazing. No matter how clean you maintain, all types of natural scents emerge in a home, especially if you consider the inevitable pet mess, overflowing trash can, cooking and food aromas, and dirty shoes or boots.

Removing some stubborn smells from your home may take a while, but you may quickly and easily freshen up the air with a few simple household products.

Ideally, a clean home should smell like nothing, but for those who enjoy scents, here are four best practices to keep your house smelling amazing:

1. Handle Moisture

The number one cause of household scents is moisture. In each room, you can check the level of humidity with a hygrometer. You may need to use a dehumidifier if humidity levels are high. If you keep multiple dehumidifiers running at once, watch your electricity consumption because they may be consuming a lot of energy.

Some practical measures can be taken, such as making sure that area rugs are not put against the walls but rather on a surface that does not absorb water. Consider storing things that absorb moisture in small, wet places, such as bathrooms and some closets. 

Keep an eye out for additional sources of moisture, such as sponges and towels. Replace sponges every one to two weeks, make sure clean towels are completely dry before folding and storing them and hang bath mats over the shower rod to dry.

2. Eliminate Scent Triggers

As you eliminate the moisture causing the unwanted scent, you can start to identify sources. The first thing to try is to resolve the odor sources, including those created by pets, smoking, and indoor fireplaces. If the odor source is not something you can resolve on your own, call a professional.

If you're having trouble with animal smells, try to clean where they sleep daily. To clean pet beds, use a launderable cover and wash in hot, soapy water to kill off odor-causing bacteria.

If you have an indoor fireplace and struggle with the smell, try burning pine logs or adding additional air fresheners to eliminate the odor. 

3. Freshen Up Your Air

Air fresheners, candles, and incense can be helpful for some, but for others, it may only worsen the problem. These items create a temporary cover-up for odors, but the compounds and scents can react with moisture and become a secondary odor source. In addition, the smell from these items can be sickly sweet, strong, and even unappealing.

If you opt for air fresheners, look for products with fresh-smelling natural ingredients, including essential oils, such as orange, lemon, and lavender. Be sure they have no added fragrance, as these may become stale and create an even worse smell.

4. Create Positive Indoor Air Quality

While you work to eliminate the sources of unwanted smells, you also want to create positive indoor air quality. A few simple steps can be taken to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

  • Ventilate: Make sure you've got plenty of fresh air coming into your home, not just coming out of it. Try to maintain a fresh, outdoor scent in the summer.
  • Clean: It's essential to clean your home regularly, especially where traps, such as in the kitchen and bathrooms, tend to build up. Mold, dust, pet dander, and pollen are common household items that might encourage bad indoor air quality.
  • Replace: It's vital to replace your HVAC filters regularly. An old or clogged filter can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, encouraging bad indoor air quality.


Most of the time, the right approach is to eliminate the source of the offending odor so you can regain fresh, unadulterated air. If that is not possible, then applying some of these best practices will help to freshen things up. Moreover, the great thing about using air fresheners, candles, incense, or wall plug-ins is that you can easily remove them or store them when they are no longer needed.

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