Should You Use Body Oil or Lotion for Your Skincare Routine?

Both oils and lotions are for keeping the skin smooth and hydrated. They are essential to anybody's care routine. Still, with so many alternatives available in both categories, you may find it difficult to decide whether a body oil or a body lotion is the best choice. 

If you want to know the difference between these two skincare products that guarantee soft, hydrated skin, this article is for you. This will help you decide whether body oil or lotion is healthier for your skin, so you can choose which product to include in your regular skincare routine.

Differentiating the Effectiveness of Body Oil and Lotion

Body oil isn't necessarily better than lotion, but lotion isn't necessarily better than body oil either. One is not better than the other because both of these body care products are excellent at hydrating the skin. 

Different formulas have varied perfect applications. Rather than attempting to choose one over the other, it's best to figure out when to use each. Sometimes you'll want to use an oil, and other times you'll want to use a lotion. You can even put one on top of the other—similar to how you would a face oil and moisturizer.

When Should You Use Body Oil?

Your skin produces oils naturally, but these can be washed away by cleansing. Oil production might also slow down as you become older. 

This is where body oil comes in to help rescue your skin and replenish any nutrients it may have lost. Body oils are a great no-fuss way to moisturize because they penetrate swiftly into the skin. 

Below are three of the ideal times to use body oil:

  • During Warm Weather. Because body oils are not as heavy as thick and creamy lotions and moisturizers, they are ideal for usage throughout the summer.
  • Keeping Moisture In. Apply a body oil just after you get out of the shower to help seal in moisture. Because these natural ingredients are similar to those found in the skin, body oils formulated with plant-based skincare ingredients like jojoba, sunflower seed, and avocado are excellent for locking in moisture.
  • Getting Glowy Skin. Try introducing a body oil into your skincare routine if you have dull skin. Some oils have a higher concentration of moisturizing elements, which helps to give the skin a moisturized and glowing appearance.

When Should You Use Body Lotion?

While oils replenish the skin with nutrients, lotions have a variety of uses, from moisturizing to relieving itching. They come in various forms, from liquids to gels, and the Mayo Clinic recommends them for people with sensitive or oily skin. 

Below are three of the finest times to use a body lotion:

  • Hydrating Dry Skin. Although you may believe that body oil is more hydrating than a lotion, this is not always the case. 
    Water is commonly used in lotion formulations, which helps your skin keep hydrated. Lotions are typically a blend of oils and water, giving them the best of both worlds for skin in need of hydration and moisture.
  • Moisturizing 24/7. Body oil is fantastic for applying just after you get out of the shower, but if you want your skin to stay hydrated throughout the day, use lotion.
  • Addressing Certain Skin Issues. Both body oils and body lotions can nourish your skin, but lotions are more likely to provide additional benefits. There's a lotion for you if you have sensitive skin. 

If you have acne-prone skin, search for mild lotions that are made with components that won't irritate it.


Body oil and body lotion have their advantages at the end of the day. It all comes down to personal preference and determining what your skin requires. Remember to apply body oil on damp skin so that it can lock in moisture. When applying body lotion to your skin, slather it on and massage it in until the product is completely absorbed. Finally, add a few drops of body oil to your favorite lotion for an added boost of hydration.

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